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What you save with our vouchers

  • 384.34 BGN

    Annual saving per employee

  • 2608

    Partner locations

  • 100%

    Free of taxes and fees

Types of food vouchers

Under regulations №7 and №11

  • Regulation №7

    Under Regulation No 7 since 09.07.2003

    As per the above, the employer can provide to employees a pay raise up to BGN 60 in the form of food vouchers. That income is non-taxable and neither the employer nor the employees pay taxes and social insurance contributions on the amount.

  • Regulation №11

    The “Food Voucher” service under Regulation No 11 is a specially developed Etap-Address product that meets the requirements of Regulation No 11 of 21 December 2005, which sets forth the conditions and procedure for providing free food and food supplements to employees working in enterprises with specific working conditions and organization.

    Specific working conditions include:
    • Night work;
    • Work in enclosed premises;
    • Set temperature conditions;
    • Increased noise level;
    • Contact with biological agents;
    • Exposure to harmful agents.



Total cost
of food:

600 BGN


319.40 BGN


173.20 BGN
Advantages for the company:
  • 0% final tax
  • 0% social security contributions
  • Easy accounting
  • An effective social policy
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved company image
Advantages for the employees:
  • 0% income tax
  • 0% social security contributions
  • Healthier nutrition
  • Better motivated employees
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Large selection of retail locations

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